Data Science

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Data Science is a discipline about the analysis and processing of big data and the extraction of the essential information that we will apply for your needs.


we use modern technology and reliable tools
  • SSIS - is a tool for ETL database solutions, the primary instruments include SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, Google BigQuery and others.
  • Machine Learning is a tool that allows a machine to train while processing data and forecasting outcomes. This tool is considered to be a variation of artificial intelligence.

Main steps

How do we work with data

Gathering of various data:

  • Structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data
  • Flat files (logs, text files, csv, json)
  • Data from DBMS, Big Data, Emails, Websites, and Web APIs

Data Processing:

  • Cleaning, normalizing, analyzing text, extractor, transforming, profiling, organizing data warehouse and loading data into storages


  • Primary data analysis (ABC analysis, RFM analysis)
  • Time Series Analysis (General Forecast)
  • Clustering (division into classes/groups)
  • Regression (forecast using exposure factors)
  • SWOT analysis (product evaluation before releasing it on the market)
  • Optimization of supply/transportation logistics
  • Fraud detection/intruders among employees or customers
  • Optimization of production processes (loading, resource allocation)
  • Setting of the optimal price for achieving maximum profit


  • Comfortable interactive graphs and charts in a user-friendly interface
  • Creation of individual reports considering all the customer’s preferences and requirements

Our services

What we offer at the end
Optimal Business Solutions
Transform your organization’s information into a business presentation. In order to make effective business decisions, provide the necessary data to key persons of interest or professionals.
Effective Risk Management
We can help you to integrate forecast analytics into your business operations in order to measure any success instantly, and to predict market demand and risks.
Enhancing Organization Efficiency
Using Data Science, you can analyze big data, optimize operations, automate key processes, improve control schemes, measure and manage performance better, and you can simplify capacity planning and risk-management.
Workflow automation
Reducing the number of manual operations for routine tasks, collecting valuable user data for setting up advertising campaigns and providing interesting, personalized user experience.
Take a step with us towards Data Science and artificial intelligence to provide a quantum leap in your automated operations, risk management and personalized customer service.


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