Business Automation (ERP systems)

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ERP system is an organization's DNA that encodes all information about its activities from business processes to performance indicators and reports.

This is the organization's source code which can be reproduced.

Our team delivers high-quality projects on BAS ERP and BAS IEM systems.


BAS IEM (Integrated Enterprise Management)   

A comprehensive solution that covers the main areas of management and accounting:

- Sales, Procurement, CRM, Warehouse and Inventory,

- Manufacturing, HR Management and Payroll,

- Financial Management, Budgeting, Regulated Accounting.

  • A wide range of standard reports to analyze activities — over 300, including Profit and Loss Statement (P&L), Balance sheet, Cash Flow Statement. .
  • Monitoring and analysis of performance indicators.
  • «Business Automation Framework» ensures stability, scalability, web-based or cloud-based, allows to perform different tasks without programming

Implementation steps

Ми надаємо безкоштовні консультації щодо вибору системи і правильного проекту її впровадження.


  • An intensive research period (or scoping phase) where the main focus is to get to know the end-user, clarify project vision, goals & scope, and identify risks.
  • Determine goals and plot the right course to your goals
  • Determine needs & product vision
  • Drawing business processes in your system.

Implementing common functionality

  • Installing and setting up a software,
  • Preparing technical requirement documents
  • Developing an additional feature set
  • User training
  • Operational testing
  • Maintaining a system once it has gone to production

Supporting the implemented system to fully adjust to the client's business processes.


Fine-tuning and developing the system

Make a winning business automation project with us

Benefit 1
  • We have a project office to manage complex projects using the agile development method and зкщмшвштп учзусеув deliverables.
  • Our projects take off on schedule.
  • Systems developed by our team move like clock-work.
Benefit 2
  • We have hands-on implementation experience at different enterprises with specific features.
  • We welcome challenges and we are able to carry out complex and tailor-made projects.
  • We are good at integrating our products into an organization's existing IT ecosystem.
Benefit 3
  • We have an experienced and well-knit project team.

  • We don't bill extra working hours because we understand our clients and each other without many words.

Benefit 4
  • We have specialists to solve complex issues of integration with mobile applications, PIM system, website and/or Power BI.
  • Thanks to them, clients save both time and money in solving "the unsolvable" problems.


  • «The first rule of any technology used in a business is that

    automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.

    The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.»

    @Bill Gates

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