ІТ product as a framework
for logistics company

App for warehouse
App for courier

BF Logistics Project

Fulfilled a dream — same day delivery

One of the IWIS’ large-scale projects to automate an innovative logistics startup from scratch.

We faced a challenging task of automating all business processes as efficiently as possible in order to provide the delivery of any parcel to any point within a day.

A multi-component IT product as a business framework

What business tools we implemented:
- an automated accounting system, including zoning, route planning, transportation and vehicle fleet management, courier management, receipt, storage and dispatch monitoring
- a fully automated accountant's workplace
- a mobile application for warehouse inventory accounting integrated with general accounting system
- a mobile application for couriers integrated with general accounting system
- a B2B portal for partners and contractors with personal accounts to track up-to-date information and download appropriate documents; integrated with general accounting system
- a tool for generating declaration forms
- logistics KPIs by category, dashboards, metrics scorecards, reports

Developed a product customized by 80%

At the time the product was developed, it was unique, as there was no any appropriate solution to cover the client’s requirements on business processes’ automation. Therefore we offered a custom-made solution based on 1C platform.


We performed the electronic document management system to improve operations from warehouse to couriers.
Mobile application for courier
Route and delivery management system
Mobile application for warehouse inventory
B2B portal for partners and contractors

Core benefit

Reduced operating costs several-fold

Product redesign

BFL company dropped out of the market at some point. One of the big players bought it out.

Nevertheless! With the experience and knowledge background of the product, we put up this case to demonstrate both business opportunities and IWIS capabilities.

Hence we redesigned the mobile application and route and delivery management system to show what a turnkey solution looks like.

If you need such system, we can tailor it to your specific business needs. With our expertise, every next project will cost cheaper and start faster.
In addition, we can use this particular branding for your product as a bonus.

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